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Jingle Bell Rock

Greetings from Dandelion's Kisses <33

Christmas is jussssst around the corner,
it is the perfect excuse for us, girls to do our most talented activity : SHOPPING! during this festive season.

In search for gifts? but did not want to burn a hole in your wallet?
In search for the perfect outfit to celebrate Christmas party? but afraid of wearing the same outfit as someone else?
Or you simply just want to jingle around before the actual day arrives cuz you're too excited?
Then come jingle with Dandelion's Kisses as we celebrate Christmas and our little humble introduction into the online boutique community at Fleur De Lis this coming weekend, 20th and 21st of Dec. (at booth 2 open air space, with our lovely Miss Capsicum!)
How meaningful eh?

We will be there for two days, it's Saturday and Sunday from 11am til 8pm, loads of free time; less the big crowd hazzle in the shopping center :) plus cheaper price too!

What to expect in this event?

Our latest collection, and some hot selling stuffs that you missed.

Get to see, and touch then only purchase, or maybe a little bargain from us? :p

FREE goodies bag to the first 100 customers daily for just walking into the event! How easy?

Selected hour sales! Be alert all the time and listen up to our special hour sale! and you might just walk away your darling outfit with good bargain price *wink*

Lucky draw from the event itself, so dont got home too early, you might be the winner :D
and cupcakes!

Specially thanks to A Shopaholic's Den and Shirts4Real!

So do mark down your calendar and make yourself freeeeeee!
See you there <3>

click to enlarge the map :)

by the way, sneak preview of the items that will be showing up themselves this weekend on Wednesday night. So stay tune!
most are limited in quantities. :)