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Skinny Studded

Dandelion's Kisses Exclusive!!

The studs trend is so friggin hot this season,
we've seen loads of them on shoes, bags and belts around.
But this 3 hotties we brought in are not what you usually found across the street.

Yes, we bring you girls skinny studded belt!!

The name says it all, it's skinny and it's STUDDED.
Needless to say how it's gonna spice up your outfit with stylish punk/rock-ish/vintage feel, whatever "feel" these studs can gives, we'd leave you girls to comment or imagine :p
If you are searching for a low profile high waist studded skinny belt, this will be the perfect one.
It's not too loud, as the gold studs are smalls compared to the usual ones, even suitable for feminie outfits, and it's vintage!! How great eh?
Love it? Grab it now as one piece per color only!

- High waist
- Faux leather
- Gold studs and gold buckle
- Fits uk size 4-8


RM 30

Status: Available, Non Restockable